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Why we love what we do


Everybody has a LITTLE freak inside of them! Undercover Teez is an apparel brand that allows you to let the "REAL YOU GLOW"!!!!! The Undercover Teez brand allows you let your alter ego shine bright at night and let the inner freak sneak out in the darkest of environments! This sexy aparrel brand can be worn in most environments and is sure to give a pass by glancer a giggle because they can relate to your inner freak as well! We hope you enjoy wearing our brand with "sneaky freaky" pride and hope you visit often as we consistently have new designs and items. Our huge inventory sells out super fast because of the the huge demand to display one's INNER FREAK!!!


Have an "undercover" freaky idea that you'd like to share or see printed on the front of a fat rack?? Email us at 


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